Benefit Intelligence Fundamental Beliefs and Service include:

  • We work pro-actively and assertively on our clients' behalf. Our primary goal is client and employee satisfaction.
  • We possess the knowledge, market leverage, and resources necessary to serve our clients and obtain positive results.
  • We cater to our clients by tailoring our services to their distinctive business and operational needs.

We manage the objectives of our clients to produce the desired results by:

  • Identifying and establishing benefit program objectives and outlining short and long term goals.
  • When current programs, including design, cost effectiveness and quality, do not meet current and/or future needs, we provide alternative solutions.
  • When providing recommendations, we review all possible solutions including managing existing vendors in revising services or coverage.
  • Working closely with the carrier and administrator we determine appropriate action and follow up until each objective is met.
  • When price or service requires a change, our leverage and market expertise provides a distinct advantage in selecting quality alternatives.
  • Once existing or replacement programs are meeting stated objectives, we maintain and monitor these programs for continued optimum performance.